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X Columbiana County Kennel Club (AB/JS) Canfield, OH 
Closes: Wed 7/15 
Supt: MB-F Inc.
 Out   $30.00
Best In ShowMrs. Vicki Seiler-Cushman
Dr. Ronald I Spritzer
Jr Show JudgeDouglas A Johnson
Obedience Judges
Shows for Fri
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X Columbiana County Kennel Club (AB/JS) Canfield, OH 
1. Sporting Group
Douglas A Johnson
Mrs. Linda Hurlebaus
Barbet Jon R Cole
Brittany Jon R Cole
Lagotti Jon R Cole
Nederlandse Kooikerhondje Jon R Cole
PointerMrs. Linda Hurlebaus
Pointer (German Shorthaired) Mrs. Linda Hurlebaus
Pointer (German Wirehaired)Mrs. Linda Hurlebaus
Retriever (Chesapeake Bay) Jon R Cole
Retriever (Curly-Coated) Jon R Cole
Retriever (Flat-Coated) Mrs. Linda Hurlebaus
Retriever (Golden) Mrs. Vicki Seiler-Cushman
Retriever (Labrador) Dr. Ronald I Spritzer
Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling) Jon R Cole
Setter (English) Dr. Ronald I Spritzer
Setter (Gordon) Dr. Ronald I Spritzer
Setter (Irish)Dr. Ronald I Spritzer
Setter (Irish Red & White) Dr. Ronald I Spritzer
Spaniel (American Water)Dr. Ronald I Spritzer
Spaniel (Boykin) Dr. Ronald I Spritzer
Spaniel (Clumber) Dr. Ronald I Spritzer
Spaniel (Cocker) ASCOBDouglas A Johnson
Spaniel (Cocker) BlackDouglas A Johnson
Spaniel (Cocker) PartiDouglas A Johnson
Spaniel (English Cocker) Douglas A Johnson
Spaniel (English Springer) Robert J Shreve
Spaniel (Field) Jon R Cole
Spaniel (Irish Water) Douglas A Johnson
Spaniel (Sussex) Douglas A Johnson
Spaniel (Welsh Springer) Douglas A Johnson
Spinone Italiano Douglas A Johnson
VizslaRobert J Shreve
Wirehaired Vizsla Robert J Shreve
Weimaraner Douglas A Johnson
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Robert J Shreve
Shows for Fri
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X Columbiana County Kennel Club (AB/JS) Canfield, OH 
2. Hound Group
Jamie Hubbard
Mark R Kennedy
Afghan Hound Dr. Ronald I Spritzer
American English Coonhound Jamie Hubbard
American FoxhoundJamie Hubbard
Azawakh Jamie Hubbard
Basenji John Constantine-Amodei
Basset HoundJamie Hubbard
Beagle 13 inchRobert J Shreve
Beagle 15 inchRobert J Shreve
Black & Tan CoonhoundDr. Ronald I Spritzer
Bloodhound Dr. Ronald I Spritzer
Bluetick Coonhound Dr. Ronald I Spritzer
Borzoi John Constantine-Amodei
Cirneco dell'Etna Dr. Ronald I Spritzer
Dachshund (Longhaired)Mrs. Linda Hurlebaus
Dachshund (Smoothhaired)Mrs. Linda Hurlebaus
Dachshund (Wirehaired)Mrs. Linda Hurlebaus
English FoxhoundDr. Ronald I Spritzer
Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen Jamie Hubbard
GreyhoundJohn Constantine-Amodei
Harrier Dr. Ronald I Spritzer
Ibizan Hound John Constantine-Amodei
Irish Wolfhound Robert J Shreve
Norwegian Elkhound Jamie Hubbard
Otterhound Jamie Hubbard
Petit Basset Griffon VendeenJamie Hubbard
Pharaoh Hound Jamie Hubbard
Plott Jamie Hubbard
Portuguese Podengo PequenoJamie Hubbard
Redbone Coonhound Jamie Hubbard
Rhodesian Ridgeback Jamie Hubbard
Saluki Jamie Hubbard
Sloughi Dr. Ronald I Spritzer
Scottish Deerhound Jamie Hubbard
Treeing Walker Coonhound Jamie Hubbard
Whippet Jamie Hubbard
Shows for Fri
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X Columbiana County Kennel Club (AB/JS) Canfield, OH 
3. Working Group
Jon R Cole
John Constantine-Amodei
Akita Dr. Ronald I Spritzer
Alaskan Malamute Dr. Ronald I Spritzer
Anatolian Shepherd Dog Dr. Ronald I Spritzer
Bernese Mountain Dog Douglas A Johnson
Black Russian Terrier Dr. Ronald I Spritzer
Boerboel Dr. Ronald I Spritzer
Boxer John Constantine-Amodei
Bullmastiff Robert J Shreve
Cane Corso Mrs. Vicki Seiler-Cushman
Chinook Mrs. Linda Hurlebaus
Doberman Pinscher Douglas A Johnson
Dogue de Bordeaux Mrs. Vicki Seiler-Cushman
German Pinscher Mrs. Vicki Seiler-Cushman
Giant Schnauzer Mrs. Linda Hurlebaus
Great Dane Mrs. Linda Hurlebaus
Great Pyrenees Mrs. Linda Hurlebaus
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Mrs. Vicki Seiler-Cushman
Komondor Mrs. Linda Hurlebaus
Kuvasz John Constantine-Amodei
Leonberger John Constantine-Amodei
MastiffJohn Constantine-Amodei
Neapolitan Mastiff John Constantine-Amodei
Newfoundland Dr. Ronald I Spritzer
Portuguese Water DogJohn Constantine-Amodei
Rottweiler John Constantine-Amodei
Saint Bernard Dr. Ronald I Spritzer
Samoyed Dr. Ronald I Spritzer
Siberian Husky Dr. Ronald I Spritzer
Standard Schnauzer Dr. Ronald I Spritzer
Tibetan Mastiff Mrs. Linda Hurlebaus
Shows for Fri
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X Columbiana County Kennel Club (AB/JS) Canfield, OH 
4. Terrier Group
John Constantine-Amodei
Mrs. Bergit Coady-Kabel
Airedale TerrierJames A Moses
American Hairless Terrier Jon R Cole
American Staffordshire TerrierMrs. Bergit Coady-Kabel (p)
Australian TerrierMrs. Bergit Coady-Kabel (p)
Bedlington Terrier Mrs. Bergit Coady-Kabel (p)
Border TerrierMrs. Bergit Coady-Kabel
Bull Terrier (Colored)Robert J Shreve
Bull Terrier (White)Robert J Shreve
Cairn Terrier Mrs. Bergit Coady-Kabel
Cesky Terrier Robert J Shreve
Dandie Dinmont Terrier Robert J Shreve
Smooth Fox TerrierJamie Hubbard
Wire Fox TerrierJohn Constantine-Amodei
Glen of Imaal Terrier Robert J Shreve
Irish Terrier Mrs. Bergit Coady-Kabel (p)
Kerry Blue Terrier Mrs. Bergit Coady-Kabel (p)
Lakeland Terrier Mrs. Bergit Coady-Kabel (p)
Standard Manchester TerrierMrs. Bergit Coady-Kabel (p)
Miniature Bull TerrierRobert J Shreve
Miniature Schnauzer Mrs. Bergit Coady-Kabel
Norfolk Terrier John Constantine-Amodei
Norwich Terrier John Constantine-Amodei
Rat Terrier John Constantine-Amodei
Russell TerrierJohn Constantine-Amodei
Parson Russell Terrier John Constantine-Amodei
Scottish TerrierJames A Moses
Sealyham Terrier Mrs. Bergit Coady-Kabel (p)
Skye Terrier John Constantine-Amodei
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Mrs. Bergit Coady-Kabel
Staffordshire Bull TerrierMrs. Bergit Coady-Kabel
Welsh Terrier Mrs. Bergit Coady-Kabel
West Highland White Terrier James A Moses
Shows for Fri
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X Columbiana County Kennel Club (AB/JS) Canfield, OH 
5. Toy Group
James A Moses
Robert J Shreve
Affenpinscher Douglas A Johnson
Brussels Griffon Douglas A Johnson
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mrs. Vicki Seiler-Cushman
Chihuahua (Long Coat)James A Moses
Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)James A Moses
Chinese Crested Mark R Kennedy
English Toy Spaniel Bl & PCJon R Cole
English Toy Spaniel KC & RbJon R Cole
Havanese Douglas A Johnson
Italian Greyhound Jon R Cole
Japanese Chin Jon R Cole
Maltese Jon R Cole
Toy Manchester Terrier Mrs. Bergit Coady-Kabel (p)
Miniature Pinscher James A Moses
Papillon James A Moses
Pekingese Mark R Kennedy
Pomeranian Mark R Kennedy
Poodle (Toy)Jon R Cole
Pug Mark R Kennedy
Shih Tzu Mark R Kennedy
Silky Terrier John Constantine-Amodei
Toy Fox Terrier John Constantine-Amodei
Yorkshire Terrier John Constantine-Amodei
Shows for Fri
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X Columbiana County Kennel Club (AB/JS) Canfield, OH 
6. Non-Sporting Group
Mrs. Linda Hurlebaus
Jon R Cole
American Eskimo Dog Jon R Cole
Bichon Frise Jon R Cole
Boston Terrier Jon R Cole
BulldogJohn Constantine-Amodei
Chinese Shar-Pei John Constantine-Amodei
Chow Chow John Constantine-Amodei
Coton de Tulear Jon R Cole
Dalmatian Douglas A Johnson
Finnish Spitz Mark R Kennedy
French Bulldog Mark R Kennedy
Keeshond Mark R Kennedy
Lhasa Apso Mark R Kennedy
Lowchen Mark R Kennedy
Norwegian Lundehund Mrs. Vicki Seiler-Cushman (p)
Poodle (Miniature)Jon R Cole
Poodle (Standard)Jon R Cole
Schipperke Jon R Cole
Shiba Inu Jon R Cole
Tibetan Terrier Jon R Cole
Tibetan Spaniel Jon R Cole
Xoloitzcuintli Jon R Cole
Shows for Fri
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X Columbiana County Kennel Club (AB/JS) Canfield, OH 
7. Herding Group
Jon R Cole
James A Moses
Australian Cattle Dog Mrs. Linda Hurlebaus
Australian Shepherd Robert J Shreve
Bearded Collie Jamie Hubbard
Beauceron Robert J Shreve
Belgian Malinois James A Moses
Belgian Sheepdog James A Moses
Belgian Tervuren James A Moses
Bergamasco Sheepdog James A Moses
Berger Picard Mrs. Linda Hurlebaus (p)
Border Collie Jamie Hubbard
Bouvier des Flandres Robert J Shreve
Briard James A Moses
Canaan Dog James A Moses
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Robert J Shreve
Collie (Rough)Robert J Shreve
Collie (Smooth)Robert J Shreve
Entlebucher Mountain Dog James A Moses
Finnish Lapphund Mrs. Linda Hurlebaus
German Shepherd Dog Kenneth Tank
Icelandic Sheepdog James A Moses
Miniature American Shepherd Mrs. Linda Hurlebaus
Norwegian Buhund Mrs. Linda Hurlebaus
Old English Sheepdog James A Moses
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Jamie Hubbard
Polish Lowland Sheepdog Jon R Cole
Pulik Jon R Cole
Pumik Mrs. Linda Hurlebaus
Pyrenean Shepherd Mrs. Linda Hurlebaus (p)
Shetland Sheepdog Jon R Cole
Spanish Water Dog Jon R Cole
Swedish Vallhund Jon R Cole
Shows for Fri
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X Columbiana County Kennel Club (AB/JS) Canfield, OH 
8. Miscellaneous
Mrs. Vicki Seiler-Cushman
Belgian Laekenois James A Moses
Biewer Terrier (July 2019) Mrs. Vicki Seiler-Cushman
Bracco Italiano (July 2019) Mrs. Vicki Seiler-Cushman
Dogo Argentino (until Jan 2020) Mrs. Vicki Seiler-Cushman
Dutch Shepherd Mrs. Vicki Seiler-Cushman
Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen Jamie Hubbard
Nederlandse Kooikerhondje Jon R Cole
Lancashire Heeler Mrs. Vicki Seiler-Cushman
Mudi Mrs. Vicki Seiler-Cushman
Norrbottenspets Mrs. Vicki Seiler-Cushman
Peruvian Inca Orchid Mrs. Vicki Seiler-Cushman
Portuguese PodengoMrs. Vicki Seiler-Cushman
Russian Toy Mrs. Vicki Seiler-Cushman
Teddy Roosevelt Terrier (July 2019)

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