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AKTanana Valley Kennel ClubAB/O/JSHW
AKTanana Valley Kennel ClubAB/O/JSHW
CAAntelope Valley Kennel Club, Inc.AB/O/JSHW
CAHangtown Kennel Club Of Placerville, CaAB/O/JSHW
CAGolden State Chinese Shar-Pei ClubS/JSHW
ILIllinois Valley Kennel Club of Peoria, Inc.AB/JSHW
ILChinese Shar-Pei Club of America, Inc.PS
KSKeeshond Club of America, Inc.PS/JSHW
LASoutheast Arkansas Kennel ClubAB/JSHW
MIKalamazoo Kennel Club, Inc.AB/O/JSHW
MIChihuahua Club of MichiganS/SWPC
MNKey City Kennel Club, Inc.AB/O/JSHW
NCSpartanburg Kennel Club, Inc.AB/O/JSHW
NCBlue Ridge Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ClubS
NJPlainfield Kennel ClubAB/JSHW
NJBlack Russian Terrier Club of Northern New JerseryS/SWPC
OHCincinnati Kennel Club, Inc.AB/JSHW
OHEnglish Setter Association of America, Inc.PS/JSHW/SWPC
OHGerman Shepherd Dog Club of Central Ohio, Inc.S
OHGerman Shepherd Dog Club of Central Ohio, Inc.S
OHDoberman Pinscher Club of Greater Dayton, Inc.S
OHGreater Cincinnati Golden Retriever ClubS
OKAmerican Shih Tzu Club, Inc.PS/JSHW
PATrumbull County Kennel Club, Inc.AB/O/JSHW
PAStaffordshire Bull Terrier Club of AmericaPS/JSHW/SWPC
PABulldog Club of PittsburghS
PAOhio Boxer Club, Inc.S/SWPC
RITown and Country Toy Dog Club of Eastern MassachusettsLB/O/JSHW
WASpokane Kennel ClubAB/O/JSHW
WYLaramie Kennel Club, Inc.AB/O/JSHW